Faith Relations Committee

Faith Relations Committee

Faith Relations

History of the Committee

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity is a faith-based ministry which actively pursues and nurtures partnerships with faith-based organizations in the community. The Faith Relations committee seeks to help its faith-based neighbors grow as a faith-based organization and end poverty housing. We are neighbors helping neighbors.


How We Benefit Faith-Based Organizations

  • Help people see the spirit of God at work outside the four walls of their organizations.
  • Help build their organization. Habitat for Humanity is a widely recognized and respected faith-based organization. A Habitat project can be just the spark that gets people excited about working in the community.
  • Help faith-based organizations fulfill their mission to minister to persons who are in need.
  • Attract new members and bring energy into a congregation.
  • Enable individuals to experience spiritual growth.
  • Be a means for identifying and developing leaders within their organizations

How Faith-Based Organizations Can Benefit Us

  • Establish a vision for transforming lives
  • Build a prayer network
  • Select building sites, target communities for construction and build relationships within those communities.
  • Strengthen family selection and partnering efforts.
  • Supply the board and committees with “fired up” members
  • Educate the community about the need for simple, decent, healthy housing.
  • Sanction work and establish credibility in the community

How to Get Involved



Meeting Dates and Times

Last Wednesday of every month from 6pm - 7pm.